Beautiful Image Testimonials

Everybody who has known me for years are saying how wonderful I look although they just can't put their finger on what is so different about me...  The Beautiful Image Microcurrent Facial and Body Sculpting treatment at The Vitality Institute of Health has addressed numerous concerns: hydration, puffiness under the eyes, crows feet, uneven skin color and texture, lines at the corner of my mouth, lines at the upper lip area, smile lines, and wrinkles on my neck.  Having Beautiful Image Microcurrent treatments has given me a confidence of beauty!  I feel pretty, natural, healthy and now use minimal makeup if any at all!

Santa Monica, CA

Wow! I have found the "natural" fountain of youth!  I would never do any plastic surgery or invasive techniques ... I was resigned to age "gracefully and naturally" I now know I can do this naturally and with a beautiful glow!!  This treatment is amazing!  My brothers say I look 10 years younger and think they are right!  I look at photos of myself and I see a younger fresher me!!   Friends I have not seen in a year say that I look soo good!  Not only is this a fantastic anti-aging skin treatment it is healing as well!  It drains the lymphatic system which is detoxifying the body of impurities as well!  If you feel my passion ... you are right!!  I highly recommend this treatment!   There are no side effects and no downtime!  It is like taking your face to the gym and toning your facial muscles.  It is affordable compared to many of the invasive treatments out on the market.  I love it and will be doing this as part of my "Wellness" lifestyle I live!!  Try it, you will be happy and grateful you did!  For a more "younger" you!!

Brentwood, CA

I am so pleased and happy with the results of these treatments!  I never thought something could give me the results I have gotten.  My face does not look so tired, my skin color and tone is fantastic and my chin area has been lifted.  My crows feet which were so pronounced have been greatly reduced to a point that they are no longer noticeable.  The sessions are wonderful and very relaxing.  I did not want to do any treatments that had any possible side effects and this does not.   It is very gentle and safe, you can hardly feel a thing.  I highly recommend these treatments!

Diamond Bar

What a difference Beautiful Image Facial and Bodysculpting Microcurrent has made!  I never thought I could look so good.  My pores have shrunk.  My skin tone and skin color are terrific.  I used to have dark circles under my eyes and now I do not.  Men and women compliment me on how great I look.  The lines on my face have lessened and my face looks thinner and more contoured.  I highly recommend these Microcurrent treatments!  They are very natural, gentle and very relaxing.  I often get my treatments before going to work or on my lunch break with no down time!  I love the results.  Try it!  You will love the results also!!

Santa Monica
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