RFE (Radio Frequency Energy)

Thermage®, Thermacool™, Thermalift™


A cool spray protects the skin from burning.   High levels of radio frequency energy heats the dermis.  This causes collagen growth and the skin to tighten.


Poor.  Results take 4-6 months to be seen if any.

Estimated Treatment Costs :

$1700-$3000 per treatment, 4-5 treatments needed.

Longevity of Results:

2-3 years

Undesired Results:

Very painful by most clients.  Unsightly swelling and redness. Discomfort.

Harmful Side Effects:

Risk of permanent fat atrophy (destruction), scarring indentions, and dimpling.

Staffing Required :



Expensive risk considering potential of injury and lack of effectiveness.  50-60% of those treated experience notable improvement.  As few as 10% experience youthful substantial changes, and up to half experience no benefits at all.

Thermage® restructured their machine to try to address the number of injuries created, but clients still are complaining of the same effects.

Downtime Required:

Contrary to what is said, Thermage® does require downtime.  Most clients require 3-5 days of down-time experiencing significant redness, swelling and blisters.  Some may require a week or more of down time due to unsightliness.  Some experience residual pain for several days.
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