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Beautiful Image Support Cream

A superior age-defying hydrating cream that works together as an extraordinary vitamin an anti-oxidant.  It also has essential oils and anti-inflammatory properties to address aging and changes in the skin due to environmental stress.  It assists the skin to restore even skin tone, skin brightness and lessens the depth of fine lines.  This cream is working to do many things at once including restoring collagen, regenerating skin cells, improving muscle tone and enhancing contour.  It absorbs easily leaving no residue.

Beautiful Image Support Serum

This is a fantastic ANTI-AGING Serum.  It plumps and tones the skin, smoothes the skin and minimizes wrinkles.  It contains a proprietary blend of a peptide formulation providing many rejuvenating regenerative results, leaving your skin looking lifted and refreshed.  Tests have shown wrinkles to diminish up to 58% in 28 days.  It absorbs into the skin with no sticky residue.  This serum contains no parabens, no synthetic dyes, no sulfates, and no synthetic fragrances.
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