Laser Skin Treatments

Polaris™, Titan™, Fraxel™


Both Polaris™ and Titan™ use high end radio-frequency but the Titan™ adds broadband infrared energy, and the Polaris™ adds a high powered Diode laser to tighten the skin.  In other words these devices wound layers of the skin to produce collagen.


Good, although not immediate.  Results usually take 3-6 months to appear.

Estimated Treatment Costs:


Longevity of Results:

1-2 years

Undesired Results:

Possible redness, swelling, blistering for 5-10 days.  Sensitivity of skin for several days.

Harmful Side Effects:

Risk of scarring and fat atrophy though less common than with other devices.

Staffing Required:



These devices only work by targeting collagen.  Many are not approved to work on any other body areas besides the face.  Treatment is best for 30-40 year old skin.  Older skin may get a nice visual enhancement but will unlikely get the desired lift.

Downtime Required:

Ice packs for the remainder of the day after treatment.  Redness and or swelling will probably require you to be away from the public.
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