Treatment Comparisons

Microcurrent™ Botox® Restylane®
Description A subtle pulse and current which stimulates the release of collagen and elastin to the skin and re-trains and re-educates the muscles. An injection which is toxic to paralyze the muscles. Temporary filler injected to contour the face.
Effectiveness Excellent Excellent Good
Price $575 - $1100 per series $500-$800 per area $500-$700 per treatment
When Are The Results Seen? Immediate A few hours to several days After procedure
Physician Required No Yes Yes
Downtime None None None
Harmful Side Effects None Yes None known as of yet
Undesired Effects None Yes Yes, mild
Additional Information Can safely and effectively treat the entire face and neck. Treatment injections applied to motion wrinkles of face. Best used as a filler for the lips.

Chemical Peels Skin Laser Treatments
Polaris™ / Fraxel™ / Titan™
Description Acids painted on the skin to remove layers of the skin. Use of lasers used to wound the skin to trigger a healing response. Intense Pulsed light is used to create a response. Skin is heated through high levels of radio freqency causing tightening.
Effectiveness Good Good Good Poor
Price $2000-$3500 full face medium peel $2500-$6000 depending on procedure $1700-$2500 (4-6 treatments) $1700-$3000 per treatement (4-5 treatments needed)
When Are The Results Seen? After recovery time After recovery time After recovery time After recovery time
Physician Required Yes Yes Yes Yes
Downtime 7-30 days 1-2 days 3-5 days 3-5+ days
Harmful Side Effects Rare Possible Yes Yes
Undesired Effects Yes Yes Some Yes
Additional Information Face only. Does not affect deep wrinkles. Best for 30-40 year olds because treatment must target collagen to get best outcome. Best on spots with skin discoloration. Expensive risk particularly due to ineffectiveness and risk of potential injury.
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