Chemical Peels


One or a combination of several acids are used.  They are applied to the skin.  They are painted on the skin like a mask in varying strengths.  This acid solution peels away layers of the skin.

Superficial peels increase the turnover of cells and are used to improve the texture (and uneven skin tone); significant wrinkle reduction is unlikely.


Deeper sags and wrinkles appear unaffected.  Skin vitality is noticed.  Improved complexion.  Some smoothing of fine lines.

Estimated Cost :

$2000-$3500 for full face medium peel.

Longevity of Results:

6 months-1 year

Undesired Effects:

The skin is red and a surface crust forms following a medium or deep peel.  It takes about a week for the crust of the skin to completely flake off, although the skin can continue to be red for a month.  The more aggressive and intense the peel the more painful recovery and longer recovery time.

Harmful Side Effects:

Potential risk of permanent scarring, but usually rare.

Staffing Required:



This used to be the most popular cosmetic treatment until Botox® came into the market.  Most physicians and clients routinely complain of the inconsistency and unevenness of the effects of the treatments.

Downtime Required :

Since acid is burning the layers of skin, depending on the intensity of the peel expect some downtime from work and the public due to the pain and the unsightly condition.
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